Medicare-for-all, tuition-free college,

equal rights, a 100% renewable future.

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Beyond Resistance‍‍‍

Kaniela Saito Ing learned the importance of service from his Grampa Saito, a Japanese-American WWII veteran.

He learned the virtue of hard work from his mother, who raised four children after Kaniela's father unexpectedly passed at a young age.

He learned the power of community through his teachers, coaches, and church, who helped shape Kaniela into a first generation college graduate and a three-term leader in the State House.‍‍

Kaniela has been working to serve our community ever since.‍‍‍

Homelessness, affordable housing, and out-of-control rent deserve more focus from our leaders. Kaniela fights to keep our young people in Hawaii and allow folks to live with shelter and dignity.

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Combating climate change means upholding the Paris Climate Agreement, achieving 100% renewable energy, and creating thousands of clean energy jobs in tech, solar, and electric vehicles.

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We must protect women's health, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ rights from Trump's GOP. But resistance is not enough. Kaniela champions a bold progressive vision of living wages, tuition free college, and medicare-for-all.

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Kaniela does not accept any corporate PAC money! He leads by example to get big money superpacs out of politics, end corruption through publicly-funded elections, and shift power back to The People.

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