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I live in Kihei, and was born-and-raised, coming from at least four generations on Maui.  My mother was a shoe clerk at the old Liberty House, while my father waited tables at “Raffles” in Wailea. We didn’t have much, but they instilled in me the value of hard work.

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Together, we met our #1 goal to fully fund Kihei High School and have turned Kaniela’s fresh vision into a proven record of success. Our school is set to break ground, while Kaniela is hard at work for the 2016 legislative session, which runs from Jan-May in Honolulu.
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In 2012, Kaniela won his first campaign with the simple idea that government should truly listen to the people. He went door-to-door meeting his neighbors and listening to their concerns. The result was an elected official, free from big-money ties, who offers bold reforms and votes his conscience.                        

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